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The 6 talents of the Manager

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Manager Model by MotivAtWork

The omnipotent manager has had his day. It was already decried in 1920 by Mary Parker Follet.

The manager who adapted to the new demands of the market must be a coach and facilitator of his teams. He must be able to read the future and organize his department in line with the ambitions assigned to him.

Additionally, the manager must respect his job's economic, ecological, and social constraints.

"Hiring smart people
and then telling them what to do 
makes no sense.
We hire smart people
so that they can tell us
what to do.

- Steve Jobs

The Manager's talent model has been designed based on the new realities of the business world.
The sharp rise in expertise-based professions and the growing complexity of the sciences involved make the manager a pivotal element in collaborative working.

Far from being the "know-it-all", the manager has become the person who facilitates interaction between those who know better.

The 6 missions of the manager


Management is a central function of management activities. It's how we assess the quality of our work.


Challenges are an effective way of developing performance without creating internal competition between employees.


Improving day-to-day life and providing teams with the material and psychological means to achieve their objectives.


The true talent of a leader is knowing how to get teams to follow a direction and leading them without forcing them.


Using modern tools, anticipation becomes an essential cog in a department's management.


Knowing how to adapt roles and responsibilities, to the point of reconfiguring the organization of interactions to adapt to challenges.

The manager's 3 constraints/opportunities

Economic constraints

The company lives in an economic universe.
The manager cannot escape it.

Social constraints

People are essential to a company's performance. It is essential to keep engagement at its highest level.

Ecological constraints

Ecology and environmental impact are factors that no-one can ignore any longer.