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The Systemic Motivation Model

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Understanding the systemic influences of individual motivation is the first step.

Applying the "drives" that amplify these influences is the second step towards greater employee mobilization.

Whatever the type of leadership,
Whatever the organizational model,
Whatever the management style,
We will always need

The "M@W" systemic motivational model has been designed to address several errors related to motivation in the workplace.

Mobilization in the workplace

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We have no control over the intentions and motivations of a company's employees. Everyone has their own reasons for doing their job.

The level of engagement represents the personal motivation that the employee invests in his or her work.

So it's important to understand which factors can increase engagement levels, and which can reduce them.

The team's 6 talents

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The role of the team has taken on an increasingly important role in a company's operations.
Its construction and organization are key to its performance and the dynamics of its interactions.

Moreover, its essence is not simply to meet a demand but to generate solutions and propose new approaches, original points of view, and disruptive innovations.